Sure, any Scottsdale trip is wonderful for golfing, shopping, and hiking. But this great state also offers some insane sightseeing for those interested in the esoteric – or those just looking to turn their travels into Instagram gold! Below, we’ve compiled a list of three of our favorite funky Arizona day trip destinations:

1. The Boneyard, Tucson, AZ. What’s more creepy-cool than a cemetery? A cemetery full of zombie airplanes. The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, commonly referred to as “The Boneyard,” is the final resting place for thousands of aircraft at the end of their travels. Pima Air and Space museum in Tucson offers guided tours of the eerily awesome site, which is a two-hour drive from Phoenix.

2. Eliphante, Cornville, AZ. They say elephants never forget, but we think after walking through this gigantic elephant-head entrance, it’s you who will never forget Eliphante. Just under two hours from Phoenix, it’s a complex of sculptural buildings constructed by an artist couple over a 28-year period. Even the Smithsonian Institute agrees that Eliphante is great: recently they added it to their SOS (Save Outdoor Sculptures) list.

3. Santa Claus, AZ. Sweltering heat, tumbleweed, cacti …all things that remind you of Christmas, right? Well, these things apparently instilled the Christmas spirit in California real estate mogul Nina Talbot. In 1937, she founded a town entirely dedicated to the holiday, year round – and in the middle of the Mojave Desert, naturally. Santa Claus, AZ is now an uninhabited, dusty ghost town of Christmas past. At a little under four hours away, it’s a little bit of a hike, but it’s definitely worth adding to your Scottsdale trip itinerary.

Whether your travels take you to golf courses, ghost towns or both, you’re sure to have a blast in Arizona. If you visit any of the places listed above during your Scottsdale trip – or if you discover any exciting new spots on your own – we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comment section!