If you’re feeling brave during your visit to the city of Scottsdale, you can see the sights at 120 miles per hour as you skydive over the beautiful desert landscape. When you’re 5,000 feet from going face first into a cactus, a parachute opens and slows your fall. What was thrilling and intense becomes calm and serene as you gently float like a falling leaf while taking in the view below. Nothing compares to skydiving. Leaping from an airplane two miles above the earth might be the most heart pounding of all Scottsdale attractions available to visitors and residents alike.

The nearest drop zone to the city of Scottsdale, Phoenix Area Skydiving, introduces first time jumpers to the sport. When making your first tandem jump, you’ll receive the best introduction available from a highly experienced tandem master. The instructors at Phoenix Area Skydiving have over 10,000 jumps combined, and they fly year-round in all sorts of weather.

Phoenix Area Skydiving offers a fifteen minute class that teaches how to make your first tandem skydive as safe as possible. Brave students may even ask their instructors for permission to pull their own chute. For daring visitors who want to make their flight even more extreme, the center hosts an accelerated freefall program – the best way to dive into solo skydiving.

Phoenix Area Skydiving recommends booking a week in advance and early in your scheduled stay in case of weather delays. Weather-appropriate clothes and closed-toe shoes must be worn if you want to make the plunge. Additionally, jumpers must be over 18 years of age and under 220 pounds. Rates range from $175 to $274, with discounts offered for small groups or weekday scheduling. As a bonus, they also provide video packages, so you can share your windswept cheek-flapping grin with friends. Few Scottsdale attractions will make your smile any wider.

So, if you meet the requirements and you’ve got the cash, you’re on your way towards seeing Scottsdale from a show-stopping view. Next time you plan a vacation, ask a few of your thrill-seeking friends along on a visit to the city of Scottsdale and cross skydiving off your bucket lists.