The Scottsdale area is home to some world-class museums, and you won’t want to miss them on your vacation in AZ. From art to science to history, we’ve got a museum for just about any subject that interests you. Moreover, there’s always something exciting going on at the museums, and this month is no tasting

  • Hoop it up. If you thought you were good with your hula hoop, you’re going to feel pretty bad about yourself once you see what goes on at The Heard Museum’s 23rd Annual World Hoop Dance Competition. But don’t worry. Your dejection will quickly turn to awe and delight as these talented Native American dancers perform amazing moves in spectacular costumes. Tickets range from $15 for adults to $7.50 for kids under 12, and that includes museum admission.

  • Make art with your “Radiant Babies.”If your Valentines Day travel plans include the kids, we’ve got the perfect activity. At this free workshop offered by the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, you and your entire family can make art inspired by Keith Haring’s iconic “Radiant Baby” paintings. Projects include collaging and sculpting Play Dough hearts. The best part? It’s free with museum admission. Stop by Feb 12-14.

  • Get your drink on in the desert. No vacation in AZ is complete without a trip to the desert, and at the Desert Botanical Garden’s Corks & Cactus Wine Tasting on February 23 and 24, you can do it in style. A $35 ticket allows you to sample over 40 wines in this stunning outdoor setting. You’ll enjoy live music too, and you’ll feel like a bit of a philanthropist. All proceeds benefit the Garden’s research, conservation and educational programs.

The museums in the Scottsdale area aren’t your typical quiet, stuffy affairs. Even your anti-museum traveling companions may change their tune after attending these events. So be sure to check them out – and all of the other Scottsdale attractions, from boutiques to casinos to hiking trails – on your vacation in AZ.