There are plenty of places to imbibe on your Scottsdale trip, and the unfortunate reality is that you’re probably going to suffer a hangover at least once. We’re not doctors, but we’ve got just the prescription for your hangover – brunch.Bloody Marys


  1. Dos Gringos. Nothing cures a hangover quite like Mexican food and a Bloody Mary. Dos Gringos offers both, and you can actually mix your own Bloody Mary at their brunch buffet. If that’s not incentive enough, $10 gets you access to an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord of booze-absorbing dishes like breakfast burritos and chile verde. Yet another bonus? Brunch is offered on both Saturday AND Sunday at Dos Gringos.

  1. Wrigley Mansion. If you’re staying at one of our luxury vacation rentals, you probably have a taste for the finer things. Well, it doesn’t get much finer than bubbly for breakfast, and there’s plenty of that at Wrigley Mansion’s Sunday Champagne Brunch. In addition to sipping on endless mimosas and nibbling on delicacies like lamb chop and prime rib, you can also feast your eyes upon breathtaking views of Phoenix from the balcony of this elegant hilltop-mansion-turned-restaurant and museum. At $45 per person, it isn’t cheap, but such is the price of glamour.

  1. Boulder’s on Broadway. Just a short drive away in Tempe is the brunch spot for the beer advocate on your Scottsdale trip. Not only does Boulders on Broadway offer an extensive list of craft beers to drink, but you can also have beer to eat thanks totheir PBR Pancakes. Yes, you read that right – pancakes made with Pabst Blue Ribbon. It sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty good. If you love your meat as much as you love your beer, you’ll flip for the “Chuck Norris Scramble,” which includes sixdifferent kinds of meat.

We encourage you to have fun on your Scottsdale trip. In fact, we encourage you to even have a little too much fun. With places like these to cure your hangover, you may just feel like drinking every day, and we won’t judge you – after all, you’re on vacation in AZ.