Something you’ll surely discover on your vacation in AZ is that we love to drink in this state. So much, in fact, that every year in February we dedicate an entire week to cocktails – and that’s in addition to Beer Fest, the week we dedicate to beer. This year, Arizona Cocktail Week will take place February 16-22. If you’re planning a Scottsdale trip during that time, well then awesome! There will be tons of exciting events to check out.



  • Last Slinger Standing Competition at the Red Revolver Lounge. No, this isn’t a contest where you try to outdrink fellow bar patrons to win a prize. What actually goes down is an “Iron Chef meets American Idol meets the NCAAstyle showdown between the best bartenders in the state. These top-notch bartenders must concoct specialty drinks using a secret ingredient in just five minutes. They will then face a panel of esteemed mixologists for judgement. Your own opinion won’t count, but you will be able to sample drinks and hors d’oeuvres while you watch.

  • Dear Beer Cocktails Seminar at The Sands Building. If you’re more of a beer advocate, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the biggest trends this year in cocktails is the beer cocktail. Yes, a beer cocktail. It sounds weird, but anyone who’s ever had a michelada on a hot Arizona day will tell you how absolutely refreshing and delicious they are. Sample and learn how to make these trendy concoctions at this seminar on February 17.

  • Cocktail Carnival at The Lawn in Scottsdale. Play games, listen to live music and eat barbeque (or booze-infused cotton candy) at the Cocktail Carnival on February 16. It’s like being a kid again … but better.

  • The Perfect Pairing: A Mix Made in Heaven, the Bar or Kitchen? There’s no better combination than food and cocktails. At this seminar, at the Sands Building on February 17, industry experts will show you their pairing secrets. Dazzle your friends with your newfound culinary prowess at your next dinner party.

A vacation in AZ is the perfect excuse to indulge in an adult beverage or two. And if your trip falls during Arizona Cocktail Week, you’ve really lucked out. After you get back home, let us know how it went in the comment section. We know you’ll have some scandalous stories!