Something you’ll soon realize on your Scottsdale trip is that we love our pork in this city. There are plenty of places to pig out here – so many, in fact, that you could eat an amazing swine-centered feast for each meal of the day. You may want to consult your doctor if you’re going to attempt to do this all in one day, but you should definitely check out each of these spots over the course of your trip.


1. Breakfast at Oink Café. Oink Café, as its slogan reads, “specializes in breakfast, lunch and bacon.” You can choose one (or more) of their five different flavors of bacon to go along with breakfast staples like pancakes and omelets. But our favorite bacon creation at Oink is truly something special. Their bacon-maple doughnut marries cinnamon dough and sweet maple glaze with savory, crunchy bacon chunks. It’s the most unholy of flavor pairings, and it is oh-so-delicious.

2. Lunch at Salty Sow. Salty Sow is one of the newest additions to the Scottsdale dining scene, and as the name implies, most of the dishes offered here are pork-based. Salty Sow specializes in Southern-style cooking, but their entrees aren’t exactly your grandma’s ham hocks. All dishes at Salty Sow feature a trendy, modern twist like a side of French fries triple-fried in duck fat, or mashed potatoes topped with bone marrow gravy. There’s hardly a vegetarian item on the menu.

3. Dinner at Crush Lounge. At Crush Lounge you can get a taste of Scottsdale nightlife — with a side of bacon, of course. This ultra-chic, French-influenced wine bar is home to the most artfully prepared and delicious heart attack on a platter. The dish consists of foie gras, poached egg, toasted brioche and bacon deep-fried in tempura batter. Cholesterol medication sold separately.


Sure, there are plenty of healthy places to eat on your Scottsdale trip. But you’re on vacation, so why not indulge? Whether it’s morning, noon or night, there’s always somewhere you can pig out in Scottsdale.