When you visit Scottsdale with a loved one, finding the perfect romantic activity can take some serious thought. Scottsdale dining, attractions and live entertainments are all worthy of your limited time. But perhaps simplest is best–a lovely thing to do is pack a lunch, grab a blanket and head to one of Scottsdale’s gorgeous public parks for a romantic picnic for two.

  1. visit scottsdale picnicEncanto Park. If you want to spend the whole day at the park, Encanto is a great destination. With swimming pools, fishing holes, golf courses, beautiful lagoons and private picnic areas, the 222-acre Encanto is a summer paradise. Grab some Scottsdale dining to go and spend the day dangling your feet in the water, riding the paddle boats and falling in love all over again with your sweetheart.

  1. Scottsdale Civic Center Mall. For those who want to experience nature without missing out on the city’s urban fun, the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall is the place to go. Lush gardens, gorgeous fountains and a lagoon for swans make the Civic Center Mall an oasis for romantics when you visit Scottsdale. And with plenty of restaurants, museums and shops nearby, you can have your picnic while immersing yourself in the city’s rich culture.

  1. Freestone Park. This 65-acre park is located in the East Valley and is picture-perfect for a romantic outdoor meal. Freestone features lakes, ramadas, wide grassy plains, and concerts at the park’s amphitheater on the second Thursday of every month.

  1. McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Couples who want to truly get away from it all should pack a picnic for McDowell Mountain Regional Park. This 21,000-acre state park is located in Fountain Hills and features some of the best hiking in Arizona. There may be nothing more romantic than sharing a sunset along the scenic trail with a loved one.

A romantic picnic is the perfect afternoon activity when you and a loved one visit Scottsdale. There are dozens of parks to enjoy your take-out Scottsdale dining in, but these four are sure-fire hits for couples in love.