Nothing says summer better than baseball, barbecues and hot dogs. We’ve got the best travel tips for finding the perfect dog in the city of Scottsdale. These four hot dog hot spots are the very best that the city of Scottsdale has to offer:

hot dogsThe Mission. Classy and urbane, The Mission isn’t the type of restaurant you’d expect to find a tasty hot dog at, but there’s a killer dog tucked in between the skewered prawns and skirt steak. The Mission’s Kobe Dog is a bacon-wrapped masterpiece, covered in green chile pintos, cotija, and grilled onions, a delicacy when it comes to hot dogs in Scottsdale.

Hot Dog Stop. You don’t need a million and one travel tips to tell you the Hot Dog Stop is a great place to stop for hot dogs. With nearly two dozen varieties, including specialties like the pastrami-topped Rueben Dog and the sweet-relish-smothered Chicago Dog, the Hot Dog Stop is a the perfect restaurant for the whole family. To slake your thirst, they offer everything from milkshakes to imported beers, making their presence on this list all but inevitable.

El Hefe. Like The Mission, El Hefe doesn’t seem like a hot dog hotspot on the surface as it’s a taqueria more famous for live music and tall drinks than anything else. But they have their own bacon-wrapped Kobe hotdog that is good enough to make this list ten times over. Besides bacon, the Hefe Dog features spicy mayo, charro beans, green chile avocado salsa and a soft Mexican bolillo roll for a bun. Simply excelente.

Luke’s of Chicago. Any hot dog-centric travel tips worth their salt will point the hungry traveler to Luke’s of Chicago–so that’s what we’re doing. They’ve got more than half a dozen dogs on their menu, including the delicious Slaw Dog and Maxwell Street Polish, and every one of them comes with a side of fries. Luke’s of Chicago also has excellent prices, with most expensive still coming in at under $7–and that’s for the Double Dog.

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