It doesn’t take a psychic vision to predict the weather during your Scottsdale trip this summer: it’s going to be hot. Not to worry, though – here in Arizona, we’re not shy about pumping up the AC. The tarot cards are telling us that you’ll be fine as long you stay hydrated. But of course some methods of hydration are more fun than others. That’s right: we’re talking waterparks, and we’ll throw in a bonus river too. These may just be the four best travel tips for staying cool around Scottsdale and Phoenix.

  1. Big Surf Waterpark. Big Surf has been an Arizona institution since 1969. The centerpiece of the park, the Waikiki Beach Wave Pool, was America’s first wave pool, and it’s ranked as the third largest in North America (holding about 2.5 million gallons of water). Visitors can rent surfboards or rafts, or head for one of the waterslides. There are more than 15, and with names like “The Black Hole,” “Tornado Twisters” and “Hurricane Slides,” they’re sure to inspire courage in the young (or the young at heart). There are even slides and a special play area for the little ones.

  1. Mesa Golfland Sunsplash. Daredevils take note: Sunsplash is home to water slides and raft rides that start seven stories above the ground. One attraction, The Stormrider, incorporates a nearly vertical drop into a giant bowl. There you’ll spin around and around until gravity drops you into the pool below. There’s also the Master Blaster Water Coast, a hybrid roller scottsdale trip waterparkcoaster and water slide. There are zero-depth play areas that will keep the tiniest guests cool and safe, and you can float peacefully on the Endless River for just as long as you please. Well, at least until closing time.

  1. Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix. With 30 attractions, Wet ‘n’ Wild gives you a full range of options for keeping your Scottsdale trip a cool one. The whitewater rapids attraction ends in a trip over a 57-foot waterfall. The Constrictor ride features spirals, corkscrews and the tightest waterslide turns in the world, all on multi-rider rafts. Monsoon Bay produces four-foot tall waves and is surrounded by lounge areas. A tot-sized section of the park, Wet ‘n’ Wild Jr., is safe for the whole family.

  1. The Salt River. If you’re not into the waterpark scene, travel just east of Scottsdale to the Salt River. A Salt River Tubing package includes inner tube access and a shuttle ride to higher ground. After that, you and your family can float safely down the river until you get back to your car. Anyone over eight years old and four feet tall can enjoy a leisurely river ride here, just minutes away from the Phoenix area.

The best travel tips in Arizona are the one that help you cool down while you have fun, and any one of these four attractions fit the bill perfectly. If you remember to stay safe whether you’re in the water and out, we predict you’ll be remembering the good times on your Scottsdale trip for years to come.