The Southwest is full of local artists who are eager to display their talents, and that’s what makes Scottsdale art galleries a sure highlight of any trip to the Phoenix metro area. There is, however, a lot to choose from. To help you out, we’ve picked out three of the most intriguing displays this August. No vacation in AZ is complete without a tour of the Scottsdale art scene, so be sure to experience our museums and galleries for yourself while you’re here.

  1. ArtWalk the Dog. It’s hard to do everything you want to on vacation when your four-legged friends tag along. But Fido is encouraged to join in at ArtWalk the Dog, a collection of Scottsdale art galleries that host pet-friendly activities every Thursday night in August. Local artists Kelly Bowman and Julia Patterson will showcase their dog portraiture techniques at On the Edge Gallery, and Bob Price will paint a caricature of your dog at Method Art Gallery. The Food Truck Caravan at 5th and Marshall will even have dog treats for sale – not to mention some awesome snacks for bipedal visitors.

  1. Stocked: Contemporary Art From the Grocery Aisles. The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is the only museum in Arizona specifically geared towards modern art, and it tends to host the most provocative and cutting-edge displays in the area. That being the case, an exhibit inspired by consumerism and product placement seems an odd fit for SMoCA. Dig a little deeper into Stocked, though, and you’ll find a nuanced discussion about human psychology, cultural touchstones and, yes, brightly colored boxes. The collection of supermarket-inspired pieces will remain on view at SMoCA until September 1.

  1. The Art of Video Games. Forty years scottsdale art galleries pongago, playing a cutting-edge video game meant using pixel-wide paddles to volley a speck of light back and forth. But what a long way we’ve come – the future of digital gaming now seem limitless. The Art of Video Games, at the Phoenix Art Museum until the end of September, uses 80 of the most influential console and computer games to help trace the progression from neighborhood arcades to a multi-billion dollar home entertainment industry. Gaming footage, prints of in-game images and interviews with artists and developers frame an engaging story.

You don’t need to be a fan of dogs, video games or Andy Warhol’s soup cans to enjoy Scottsdale art galleries. These three exhibits are fun for art fans of all types while they’re on vacation in AZ, and there are plenty of other displays in the Phoenix area if our suggestions don’t strike your fancy. Wherever you choose to browse, just make sure to check out the local art scene when you visit Scottsdale. It’s not to be missed!