For over twenty years, architect Frank Lloyd Wright called the city of Scottsdale his winter home. His house, Taliesin West, remains one of the most unique and intriguing Scottsdale attractions to this day. It was designed by the master himself and is a designated National Historic Landmark, but this isn’t some stuffy old piece of history, and you won’t need to be an architect to appreciate the beauty of Wright’s desert dwelling. Here are three reasons to sign up for a guided tour of Taliesin West after you reserve one of our Phoenix vacation rentals.

  1. It was a labor of love for America’s greatest architect. When Wright found the site that would become Taliesin West, just below McDowell Peak on the edge of the city of Scottsdale, he knew he was someplace special. Construction started in 1937, and Wright himself oversaw every aspect of the build. His apprentices used local rocks and wood to help make the structure a natural extension of the surrounding land. Wright continued to make adjustments to Taliesin West until his death in 1959. Today, the complex covers 600 acres and includes Wright’s office, multiple theaters, living and dining space, a workshop and beautiful gardens and terraces, all of which Wright himself designed.

  1. It’s a living monument scottsdale attractions architectureto the study of architecture. Any visitor to Taliesin West can appreciate, close-up, how one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century incorporated his design aesthetic into his personal home. That alone keeps the complex perpetually relevant. However, it also serves as a main campus for the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture to this day. Students and faculty alike live and work on Taliesin West’s grounds, giving them an intimate view of Wright’s ideals and methods.

  1. Seasonal night tours offer a unique perspective. While a day trip is the most common way to visit Taliesin West, at night it’s one of the most stunning Scottsdale attractions around. Tours take place every Friday night until the end of August, and when the house lights up at night, with the city of Scottsdale twinkling below the mesa, you’ll understand why Taliesin West is considered one of the greatest hidden treasures in all of Arizona.

Whether you’re a student, an artist, a lover of design or just someone who appreciates beautiful aesthetics, you should consider Taliesin West one of the highest-priority Scottsdale attractions. Westbrook’s Phoenix vacation rentals offer easy access to this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece as well as to plenty of other artistic and cultural landmarks in the Phoenix metro area. Plan your trip today!